20 May, 2019

Migrating Your Organization to a Modern Desktop in 2019

Competitive pressure drives many organizations to focus on revenue generation rather than their IT solutions. Just as a hotel may focus on its lobby and bar rather than on laundry operation, concentrating business efforts on immediate, front-end needs can be an attractive method for quick revenue boosts.

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02 Nov, 2017

How to open Office 365 encrypted emails

Often you may receive an Encrypted Email via Office 365. Regardless of your Email client or type of email service, the experience is the same, Your message will look like the following image. Read more
26 Jun, 2017

5 Loud and Clear Signs Your Business Needs Cloud Help

Today's businesses are facing new and growing challenges, including security threats, consumer demand for mobile apps and services, and a need to use big data in meaningful ways. Security, mobility and big data are all three factors driving organizations to adopt the cloud.

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08 May, 2017

The Cloud- Is it right for your business?

The Cloud has been the choice for many businesses who seek Disaster Recovery in the cloud, Reliable and salable infrastructure or simply increase workload reliability. 

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10 Apr, 2017

Zero Day Attack Affecting Microsoft Office - Security Advisory

Currently there is a new zero-day attack  targeting all Microsoft Office users. The malware runs on fully patched systems running Microsoft’s operating system via an Office vulnerability.

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