08 May, 2017

The Cloud- Is it right for your business?

The Cloud has been the choice for many businesses who seek Disaster Recovery in the cloud, Reliable and salable infrastructure or simply increase workload reliability. 

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10 Apr, 2017

Zero Day Attack Affecting Microsoft Office - Security Advisory

Currently there is a new zero-day attack  targeting all Microsoft Office users. The malware runs on fully patched systems running Microsoft’s operating system via an Office vulnerability.

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08 Apr, 2017

An introduction to Azure Active Directory

With the growing number of applications and cloud services businesses rely on, it has become a burden on business administrators and IT professionals to centralize end user management.

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30 Mar, 2017

Microsoft Azure. A no-brainer choice

Microsoft Azure is a regularly updated, remarkably scalable cloud platform with a plethora of features for both convenience and security.

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16 Mar, 2017

Azure IaaS vs. PaaS - Which is right for your business?

Microsoft's Azure is unquestionably one of the best cloud platforms available for businesses who are looking to migrate to the cloud. But it has different execution models to consider based on your business demands. Two of these are Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service, or IaaS and PaaS.

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