April 4, 2023

Why Partner with a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)?

Working with a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) offers an end-to-end experience that allows businesses to enjoy cost optimization, efficiency, and increased flexibility. Also, bundling solutions and services is possible when you partner with a CSP.
what is Microsoft CSP

A Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) - is a technology provider that delivers end-to-end cloud management, licensing, and financial and technical advisory services to businesses.

A CSP can be affiliated with single or multiple cloud providers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, or Google.

GOBI Technologies is a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider. We built our CSP programs to help our customers enhance their cloud experience while taking control of their cloud spend, security and operation.

Insight into The Microsoft CSP Program

A CSP program allows a Cloud services providers to sell Microsoft's cloud services to their clients. Note that the CSP program goes beyond licensing since its design adds value to a customer's cloud experience through advice, support, and billing flexibility. Additionally, clients enjoy a pay-as-you-go consumption arrangement through the CSP program.

Unfortunately, most businesses do not leverage the Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program, which means losing on CSP benefits and its impact on their operations while saving them unnecessary additional expenses.

The ideal Microsoft CSP partner offers the following.

  • Simplified billing for cloud services.
  • CSP value-added services such as technical and financial advisory.
  • Customer management services.
  • Around-the-clock support services.

So, instead of managing your IT infrastructure, you can engage a CSP who will handle your license subscriptions, including tech support, management, and renewals.

Benefits of Working with A Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

  1. It Saves Time and Money

Managing your cloud resources in-house can be taxing, and you may not have the capacity to handle the task, which, in turn, becomes a waste of time and money. The solution, in this case, is working with a CSP because such experts will not only bear the responsibility of managing your cloud services package but will also save you unnecessary expenses. One of the CSP offerings is cost management and monitoring tools to help you manage your cloud costs (infrastructure or licensing). Setting up cost alerts on your infrastructure costs or trigger alerts on unused licenses can help reduce your monthly billing and even allow your non-technical teams to remove unnecessary licenses.

  1. Flexibility and Simplicity

If you need a single package for all your cloud services and products, a CSP can create one for you. That means that you will only pay for what you use, which allows you to allocate more resources to the income-generating operations of your business. So, if you suddenly need to scale up your cloud services usage temporarily over a busy period or for a specific project and scale down later, a CSP can help you achieve that. As such, you will not pay for a service you do not need, and there is no commitment, which means that you can enter or exit a subscription whenever you wish.

  1. Access to Experts

Cloud operations require some level of expertise that your business may not have internally. That is why partnering with a Cloud Services Provider to manage your cloud services is a wise idea. You can engage with cloud experts anytime to discuss best practices and strategies through the CSP programs. For a CSP like GOBI Technologies, our lowest tier of CSP program provides an annual cloud architecture review covering security and operations.

  1. Elimination of Upfront Payments

Budgeting for upfront costs is not necessary when you opt to work with a CSP. The reason is that you receive a consolidated monthly bill depending on your consumption across your services when you engage a CSP. Also, you will not incur upfront licensing expenses when working with a CSP, which is not the case for the Open License of Enterprise Agreement routes.

  1. Offers An Opportunity to Access Dedicated Support

Business owners know that time is money. For that reason, prioritizing efficiency is not an option because it saves on time and improves profitability. That is where support services come in handy, and a reputable CSP should be available to offer you the help you need when you require it most. Partnering with a CSP allows you to access dedicated support by ensuring that you have a point of contact for all support requirements and any questions you may have. A CSP support team must maintain a high level of response and resolution metrics and engage in continuous certification and training programs.

It's Time to Partner with a CSP  

Working with a CSP provides an end-to-end experience that allows you to enjoy cost optimization, efficiency, and increased flexibility. Also, bundling solutions and services is possible when you partner with a CSP. In turn, doing so ensures that you are in a better position to meet the future requirements of your clients. Contact us to learn more.

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