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Why choose GOBI as your managed IT services partner

More than just an IT provider

We aim to become a trusted advisors to our clients and continuously contribute to their success by aligning their goals with technology. To achieve our goal, we invested in our tools and services structure to provide a value-centric IT management and consulting portfolio that combines infrastructure, security, business applications, and support module.

Committed to partnership

Your business needs an IT partner that help them transform and experience modern technologies, address business challenges, and maintain security and compliance.

Value-centric approach

We constantly add value to our clients by transforming their infrastructure and services to meet their business and security needs through dedicating a team that understands our clients' processes, industry, and challenges.

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Our managed IT services

Our Managed IT Services deliver day-to-day management and support of your business operations and collaboration with leadership in aligning goals and technology while reducing overhead and improving operational efficiency.

Whether you are looking for a managed services provider to take control of your entire technology stack or co-manage with your existing IT team, our service framework provides the required skills and resources to meet your infrastructure, security, and compliance needs.

Comprehensive, end-to-end management of your IT infrastructure. From server and network management to storage and disaster recovery administration. Our infrastructure team provides a managed infrastructure framework that fits your infrastructure type and components.

User and data security are at the core of our managed services offerings. For enhanced and complex security needs, our team design, implement and manage a managed security program that meets your business security standards and compliance requirements.

Our managed cloud services bridge the gap between your business and complex cloud platforms. By providing the framework, expertise, and resources - we help our customers optimize their cloud infrastructure reliability and costs, secure their cloud workloads and applications, and ensure a successful cloud transition.

Provide multi-tier IT support and service desk management of day-to-day requests. Enforced by a Service Level Management Platform to streamline support operations and increase accountability.

Managed IT services
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our approach

Our managed services delivery approach

Assessing your business requirements and establishing a service delivery framework helps our team provide a managed services agenda that focuses on adding value to your technology stack from day one.


Assess current state of IT, business policies, challenges and workflows. Define and categorize the engagement agenda and proceed to team selection and introduction.


Build a managed services framework that fits your business needs. This includes infrastructure maintenance and monitoring, security baseline and goals, user request handling, and procurement.

Manage and support

Proceed with management platform implementation, kick-off end-user communication and support, security baseline, and project initiation.


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