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Enhance teamwork and efficiency with our Microsoft Teams consulting services, delivering custom strategies for seamless communication and collaboration.

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Modernize communication and collaboration in the workplace with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365, enabling teams to chat, meet, call and collaborate from anywhere. Its enhanced governance and security make it a perfect go-to platform for SMB and enterprise businesses.

Improved collaboration

Thanks to the tight integration with Office 365, Microsoft teams became a hub for teamwork. Users create and collaborate on documents, easily meet and make calls from anywhere using any device.

Security and compliance

Built on Office 365 enterprise-grade cloud, Microsoft Teams delivers a high level of security and compliance through retention policies, Data Loss Protection (DLP), eDiscovery capabilities.

Thid-party integrations

Microsoft teams integrate with thousands of third-party applications such as Dynamics 365, Monday, Asana, and more, making it easy for your team to access and structure their hub to fit their needs.

Our Services

Our Microsoft Teams consulting service

Our Microsoft Teams consulting services are designed to help organizations optimize the use of this powerful platform for their unique needs. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your business requirements and objectives and develop a tailored solution that meets your needs.

Microsoft Teams implementation consulting partner
Planning and implementation
  • Microsoft Teams planning
  • Teams services implementation
  • Microsoft Teams automation and integration
  • Training and change management
Teams voice services
  • Teams voice planning and implementation
  • Voice services configuration and call routing setup
  • PSTN services enablement
  • Omni-channel integration
Security and governance

Our consultants work with you to understand compliance and security requirements and extend Microsoft Teams with the required policies and controls.

Fast-track your Microsoft Teams implementation

Microsoft Teams implementation in the workplace requires a business-first approach to achieve a higher level of productivity, collaboration, and data governance.

Our framework ensures a successful implementation of Microsoft Teams and increased user adoption.


This includes assessing the organization's current communication and collaboration needs, identifying the goals and objectives for Teams implementation, and determining which features and functionalities are most important for the business.


Once the planning and preparation phase is complete, the deployment of Teams can begin. This typically involves configuring the platform and setting up the necessary services, templates, and automation.


Build your cloud infrastructure with security in mind and begin your cloud migration based on an agreed-upon strategy and timeline.


Microsoft Teams has a wide range of features and functionalities which should be configured according to the organization's requirements, policies, and standards. Our team establishes governance policies and procedures to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and to manage the platform effectively.

Get started

Get started with Microsoft Teams

Whether you are already using Microsoft Teams or planning to use it in your workplace, our experts can help with implementation, automation, security, and user training.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is possible to use a desk phone to make and receive calls with Microsoft Teams. Here is a list of Microsoft Teams-compatible devices.

Yes, it's possible to use your existing phone numbers with Microsoft Teams, our team can help port your numbers to Microsoft Teams. Porting numbers to Microsoft teams takes an average of ten business days to complete.

Yes, Microsoft Teams allows you to make international calls with users on Teams, as well as with external phone numbers. It may incur additional charges, depending on the calling plan and country.

As with any other VoIP service, Microsoft Teams requires a phone license and a PSTN provider.
If your business is looking to use a third-party PSTN provider, you may just add the Teams Phone Standard license, which can be purchased separately or through Microsoft 365 E5 license.
If you would like to centralize your phone system and PSTN through Microsoft services, you will need a Microsoft Teams Phone with a Calling Plan license.

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Business Central
This case study highlights how GOBI Technologies implemented Dynamics 365 Business Central for an auto parts manufacturing company to address its management challenges efficiently. The implementation involved needs assessment, solution design, customization, migration, and integration with the company's existing systems. Implementing Business Central has provided benefits such as improved productivity, enhanced inventory management, financial management, BOM management, and increased customer satisfaction.
Auto-Parts manufacturer modernize operation with Business Central
Financial firm enhances security and compliance with Microsoft 365 and Azure
Azure Information Protection, Microsoft 365
The financial industry is one of the most heavily regulated sectors with high expectations of confidentiality and data security. A financial firm based in New York with a large client base was looking to upgrade its security infrastructure and become more compliant with regulations such as FINRA, SEC, and CFPB. The company relied on outdated systems that made managing data across multiple offices and cloud applications challenging. After a thorough evaluation, the company engaged with GOBI Technologies to assess and revamp it's Microsoft 365 and Azure security and compliance posture.
Financial firm enhances security and compliance with Microsoft 365 and Azure
Using Azure Synapse to accelerate analytics and data integration
Azure Data
A large retail company was facing challenges with processing and analyzing data from their numerous systems and platforms. They needed a solution that would help them accelerate data processing and enable better analytics and data integration. The company decided to implement Azure Synapse, Microsoft's cloud-based analytics service, to streamline their data operations and gain deeper insights into their business.
Using Azure Synapse to accelerate analytics and data integration

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