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Grow your business, not your budget, with flexible cloud solutions that saves you money. Azure helps you bring products and services to markets quickly.

As an early adopter of Microsoft Azure, GOBI help businesses plan and utilize Azure infrastructure to bring reliability and scalability to today's dynamic businesses.

Infrastructure on the cloud

Build a highly salable an secure infrastructure on the cloud. utilizing "Iaas, Paas".

Build websites and Apps

Microsoft Azure offers a perfect platform for leveraging the cloud to deploy scalable websites. Hosting a website on Azure means that infrastructure management is covered, and you and your customers get the peace of mind from leveraging Microsoft’s global network of managed data-centers.

Develop and Test

Utilize Azure to deploy and test your application. You can easily provision virtual machines and any Azure PaaS components using reusable Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates saved in source control with tools you are already comfortable working with.

Assessment and Planning

Provide comprehensive assessment on your infrastructure, servers, applications and design the Azure infrastructure that matches your business goals and security needs.

Azure Support

As an early adopter of Microsoft Azure, GOBI IT provide businesses with the right expertise to manage and support their Azure infrastructures and applications.

Migration to Azure

Migrate your business workload, SQL servers, web applications and servers to Azure. Utilizing our migration tools, our engineers will handle migrating data to Azure, testing and validation of the infrastructure.

Security and Compliance

Manage security and compliance on your business Azure platform through Azure rights management, identity management, security center and more.


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