In the finance industry, security and compliance are top priority. Often, managers are forced to establish restrictions that hamper employee productivity to avoid accidental compliance breaches. With the modern desktop, however, managers can fully empower employees without leaving security or compliance to chance.

Microsoft 365 enables multi-layer security that can restrict access to information by user, automatically save documents according to relevant regulations and manage record maintenance.

Further, it can streamline and automate processes to minimize the risk of human error. Trusting in a system that reliably upholds compliance regulations helps employees work more efficiently and encourages productivity without the constant worry of an accidental compliance misstep.

Microsoft 365’s modern desktop offers comprehensive reporting tools that empower management with deep insights into employee activity, performance and more.

What’s more, Microsoft 365 supports finance industry employees with a centralized communication system, facilitating easy and secure information sharing as well as feedback to and from management to encourage team growth and productivity.

The modern desktop also encourages innovation and helps employees personalize their experiences through tools that offer voice, ink, touch, visualizations and other creative options – all while maintaining security and compliance.

Microsoft 365 combines Office 2010, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility and Security for one integrated solution for productivity. The Microsoft modern desktop creates cohesion between workers and management to improve communication, collaboration, productivity and your business’s bottom line.

Supporting remote work

The modern desktop gives manufacturing organizations the tools they need to empower employees with flexibility and remote work. Microsoft 365 seamlessly integrates applications and data with the cloud, ensuring all employees have access to the same systems wherever they’re working. The same security provisions, permissions and settings follow them wherever they are, and PowerBI enables managers to monitor on-site and remote activity alike. Further, collaboration tools like Yammer, SharePoint, Teams and other programs help employees share information and interact in real time as easily as they would in a central office.

Managing millennials

Millennials prefer work that supports creativity and offers opportunities for growth and advancement. They also expect workplace technology to reflect the always-on, intuitive nature of their smartphones and other technology they use in their personal lives. Microsoft 365 empowers millennials with powerful, integrated technology that facilitates communication and feedback from supervisors, supports innovation with user-friendly and customizable tools and moves as quickly as they do. What’s more, the modern desktop’s innate mobility offers millennials the flexible schedules hours they prefer.

Retention rates

Creating an environment with flexible options helps businesses boost retention rates. Microsoft 365’s cloud integrations and always-on functionality facilitate employee productivity and collaboration from any location or device. Workplaces with engaged employees experience 40% lower absenteeism rates and a 24% reduction in turnover. The modern desktop engages employees with an intuitive user experience and easy access to the team members, applications and information they need to succeed.

System security

Microsoft 365 includes Enterprise Mobility and Security, which ensures ongoing security across users and devices, enabling remote and mobile work. When implemented and managed by a Microsoft partner, you can trust that the modern desktop is deployed and integrated correctly. Further, a certified Microsoft partner like GOBI IT can ensure ongoing system security and uptime, so you don’t have to keep an eye on everything 24/7.

Workforce collaboration

Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Yammer, SharePoint and other collaboration tools power real-time discussions, meetings, information sharing and more. With the modern desktop, businesses can conduct company-wide meetings to keep employees up-to-date on company developments, provide digital training materials, address operational issues quickly for continued team alignment and productivity.

Attracting new hires

Work flexibility is a top priority for employees and job seekers across industries. For working parents, remote work options are more important than pay. The modern desktop enables organizations to offer these options to new hires without taking a business hit. Other perks like easy shift swapping and accommodating scheduling changes help attract and keep new hires.

Employee activity insights

When working with a cloud-enabled modern desktop, employees’ assigned tasks, permissions and restrictions follow them wherever they go, no matter which device they’re using. PowerBI offers integrated insights into specific employee activity as well as overall trends, changes and more.

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