Comprehensive Network Audit and Assessment Services

Network Assessment provides an overview of your business IT capabilities as well as potential improvements in terms of security, infrastructure and cloud readiness.

Understanding how your network operates helps you plan for expansion or simply pinpoint issues and security vulnerabilities.

Network Topology Assessment

Performing a multi-layer audit on all connected devices. GOBI IT helps find and identify network bottlenecks and concerns through a deep logical and physical discovery on your business network.

Cloud Readiness

Identify and confirm your options to migrate your business to the cloud through assessment of work-flows, infrastructure, end user requirements and business goals.


Discover and identify your network fragile points and potential vulnerabilities. GOBI IT help business safeguard their networks through comprehensive security design assessment.


Identify wireless connectivity issues through a detailed site survey. GOBI IT will design and implement reliable wireless topology to match your business security and connectivity requirement.