IT Solutions and Digital Transformation For Financial Services

Empowering financial services by leveraging modern IT, cloud solutions, and Security-As-A-Service.

Our Framework

Start Your Workplace Digital Revolution

Today’s financial industry need to adapt rapidly to keep up with cyber threats, changing regulations, and an evolving workforce.
Companies that lack a reliable technology solutions partner are losing out on increased visibility and notable cost savings.

GOBI Technologies provides the latest technologies and a dedicated team with the expertise to implement the best strategy for your business.

Through digital transformation and managed services, We help create an agile financial services organization that continually adapts at speed and scale.

Advanced Cyber Security

In a complex and volatile digital ecosystem, ensure your organization is prepared to detect and respond to threats with our readiness assessments and consulting services.

Regulatory Compliance

Our financial IT services framework deliver guidance through every step by aligning technology and compliance and regulations requirements.

Improved Collaboration

Provide a strategic roadmap for reimagining both the customer and user experience where you can securely implement a modern and secure workplace.

Cost Optimization

Provide strategy and guidance on how to remove inefficiencies and drive productivity with technologies that result in near-immediate cost savings.

Core Capabilities

Industry-compliant IT and Cloud Solutions

Our experience and capabilities empower our financial clients with the tools and resources needed to build, transform, and secure technology in the workplace.

Our Advantage

We Understand The Financial Industry Challenges –

We developed our IT services and cloud portfolio with the financial industry in mind. Our IT services and solutions aim to align compliance, security, and end-user experience.

We continue to expand our technology portfolio to increase our engagement with our clients and stay ahead of challenges.

Industry Experience

GOBI Technologies holds over 10 years of experience providing and building technology products and platforms for the financial industry.

Strong Partnerships

Throughout the years, we have developed and maintained strong relationships with market leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, among others, to bring cost-effective products and services to our clients.

A Cloud-First Vision

We are a cloud-first company. We invest in our resources and people to help our clients modernize and simplify their IT while reducing operational cost.

Greater Scalability and Flexibility

Our Managed IT aims to extend business operations by providing short and long term resources that scale with your business needs as well provide specialized expertise in the workplace to help your business achieve more in less time.

Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

Over the years, our exposure to businesses of all sizes and industries enabled us to build a business-ready service delivery and IT management framework that helps our clients on-board faster. We invested in technologies and expertise, so you don’t have to.

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