Financial IT Solutions

GOBI IT help financial firms in recognizing compliance and security concerns as well as provide IT management and cloud solutions that delivers reliability and security.

finance IT services in NY

With a dedicated IT security officer, and a team of help desk engineers, financial firms can receive the rapid response needed in today's dynamic market as well as increase security.


IT Management Solutions

Deliver comprehensive infrastructure and end users management and support.

Managed IT Services delivers network monitoring, end-point security, and application management.

Virtual CIO

Regulatory Compliance and Security Risks are the main technology concerns for financial firms. GOBI IT helps financial firms by providing guidance and management to ensure your firm meet compliance and cybersecurity standards.

Cloud Solutions

Bringing secure and reliable cloud technologies to financial firms. GOBI IT provides Hosted Desktop As a Service, compliant Email and file sharing solutions.

Managed Security

Our security management team will provide comprehensive security management. Through monitoring, vulnerability management, advanced network security and end point security.