Email and Collaboration Solutions

Hosted Exchange by GOBI IT guarantees increased reliability and efficiency. Exchange includes many features to help your employees boost their productivity by offering a consistent in-box, calendaring and contacts experience across the PC, browser and mobile phone.

Supported by Cloud Experts team that help plan your email migration from local or other cloud services with no data loss or any downtime.


Secured and Reliable Exchange Solution

Our Hosted Exchange comes with powerful security features. We don’t just stop SPAM, we also tackle malicious code, spoofing, suspicious URL and attachments.

Hosted on Private SOC 2-audited fully clustered data centers.


No more mailbox full notifications. With unlimited storage per mailbox you have enough storage to keep all your emails available at all times.


Enforcing your business regulatory compliance is easy. With policies such as content management and archiving solutions, your business communications remain compliant.

Easy Migration

Seamless migration with near zero downtime. Utilizing our Gateway Level Migration procedure that allows end users to utilize emails in the cloud during the migration.


Why Hosted Exchange?

Increase your email system and collaboration tools reliability and security while lowering your TCO.

By migrating your in-house Exchange to Hosted Solution, you eliminate single point of failure, increase internal IT productivity and increase communication reliability.

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