Make Better Cloud Decisions

cloud assessment services - New York

Get a clear picture on your existing physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure. Helping you identify the ideal cloud platform and configuration by understanding your business workflow, application workload, performance metrics and your overall cloud goals.

Our cloud assessment provides you with a comprehensive performance and costs analysis across cloud platforms (Azure, AWS).


Comprehensive analysis on your current infrastructure compute resources, IOPS and storage down to server level. Get a performance projection report that highlights current infrastructure vs recommended cloud solutions and platforms.

Cost Analysis

Understand TCO and ROI of migrating your workloads to AWS, Azure or across platforms based on your current infrastructure workload and performance goals.


Make better decisions by running assessment based on multiple scenarios (cloud platforms, regions, instance types, and pricing plans).

Optimal Configuration Mapping

Recommend cloud platforms, instance types, storage and more based on collected analysis and business goals.