The Cloud- Is it right for your business?

The Cloud has been the choice for many businesses who seek Disaster Recovery in the cloud, Reliable and salable infrastructure or simply increase workload reliability.

Moving to the cloud requires some decisions making. Before moving to the cloud, you need to know if the cloud is right for your business. A good start is to answer the following:

  • Why do I need to migrate to the cloud?
  • What can I migrate to the cloud?
  • Is moving to the cloud worth it?
  • How will my business benefit from the cloud?
  • What is the financial gain from moving to the cloud?
  • Which cloud platform (Azure, AWS, GCP)?


Answering the above questions is no easy task. On the current infrastructure, you need to identify your cloud candidates and the cloud module you will be applying. For that you need to better understand your business workflow, your virtual and physical workload, your servers performance metrics, compatibility, security and more. 

On the cloud side, you need to measure the compute resources, regions, IOPS, storage, pricing plans, TCO as well as compare different deployment scenarios and platforms.  

A comprehensive cloud readiness assessment will help you answer the questions above and justify the move to the cloud. 

Your infrastructure cloud readiness assessment should be the first step you take towards your cloud journey. A Cloud readiness report should include:

  • Current performance analysis
  • TCO and ROI reports
  • Cloud performance projection
  • Optimal cloud mapping and configuration
  • Workload comparison across different cloud platforms


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